In Nikolaev between students there was a stabbing media

В Николаеве между студентами произошла поножовщина – СМИ

The incident occurred on the territory of the hostel

The management of the school did not report the incident to the police because they want to understand what happened.

In Nikolaev in the territory of the hostel of the Highest professional school No. 21 was a conflict between two students with the use of bladed weapons.This is reported by news-N on Friday, October 12.

“The altercation occurred this morning between 9 and 10 hours between Dorm captain and a first-year student who was trying to get into the building, but did not have that right. Angered by this ban, the young man took out a knife and started threatening the headman. As a result of conflict student was stabbed undergrad at hand”, – stated in the message.

According to the publication, the scene was not caused by emergency services – no ambulance, no police.

Deputy Director of the school Sergey Arkhipov said that the victim received the necessary medical care because the wound was minor.

According to him, the management of school did not report the incident to the police because they want to understand what happened. For this the administration will be called parents of students to talk about.

Arkhipov says that the victim has no claim to the attacker, otherwise he can go to the police.

“Our position is this –that what we have there is our internal situation and we have, as of today, with this situation sorted out. We have no calls to the police, the Department of education, that is, the situation will sort themselves out. Formal explanations at this stage will not give”, – he said.

Also the management of the school denies the information that the entry was removed from the surveillance camera footage of the incident.

Earlier in the river the militiamen detained the man who killed his friend, and then dismembered him, to conceal the crime.

And in Kharkov at the entrance of the house, the man attacked the girl and cut her sealedbeam knife.

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