In Nikolaev near the stop find stun grenades

В Николаеве возле остановки нашли шумовые гранаты

Inspectors saw items like TNT, weighing about 4 pounds.

On Saturday, April 23, Ingulsky (Leninsky) district of Nikolaev near the stop were found objects like explosives, it was reported in Netpolice.

“Upon arrival, the inspectors saw items like TNT, weighing about 4 pounds. Before arrival of employees it is investigative-task force and explosive service patrol guarded the scene and did not allow passers-by there”, – stated in the message.

According to bomb experts, items found similar to stun grenades.

“After inspecting the container, law enforcement officers found that an unknown person put it in the basket 32 items cylindrical in shape, similar in appearance to military pyrotechnics, simulating a broadside guns,” added the police.

Initiated criminal proceedings under article “illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives” which sanction provides imprisonment for the term from three till seven years.

Earlier in the Uzhgorod city hall toilet found a grenade.


According to the materials: