In Nikolaev police sicced a dog

В Николаеве на полицейских натравили собаку

Police attacked by Alabai

Law enforcement was forced to use his gun against a dog breed Alabai. One of the officers shot the dog in the paw.

In Nikolaev arrived on-call police were forced to open fire from his service weapon at an aggressive dog, which they incited the drunk man. About it reports the local edition of news N Thursday, November 8th.

The incident occurred on the street Paton in the Ship area. On arrival at the spot, the police found that they caused a woman pozhalovatsya on violence brother, who behaved aggressively and tried to beat loved ones.

“After some time came out and the hero is drunk and with a huge alabaam on a leash. Seeing the police, the bully began using foul language in their address and threaten. Patrol asked the man to remove the dog, which was barking continuously and has been tuned aggressively, but instead, the brawler pulled the dog on patrol”, – stated in the message.

Police were forced to use his gun. The first shot was made up, but the dog did not stop. The second time the police officer shot the dog in the paw. Alabai whined and ran away.

Militiamen detained the hooligan and delivered to the Ship police Department, where he was administrative materials.

Previously, under the Odessa pensioner was attacked by three Alabai. The victim was hospitalized in the hospital of the Black sea, but the doctors are unable to operate on the victim, saying that this had not yet happened in their practice. The woman helped the surgeon of the regional hospital.

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