In Nikolaev the addict defeated the pharmacy

В Николаеве наркоман разгромил аптеку

Nikolaev rowdy

Drunk visitor pharmacies for refusing to sell him drugs smashed the front door and window companies.

In Nikolaev after the failure of employees of pharmacies to sell drugs drunk visitor, the man smashed the front door and the window. On Wednesday, November 14, according to local newspaper Novosti-N.

Noted that, upon entering the pharmacy, the drunk man asked the pharmacists the drugs.

“After I said no drugs, we are not going to give, the man was angry, and said that will kill us all, and to prove I broke the door” – said one of the workers pharmacy.

The frightened woman pressed the button of an emergency call of police. It is known that police protection has calmed bully and transferred it is investigative-task force of the Central Department of police of GUNP in the Nikolaev area. According to witnesses, a man in this day and brawled in other institutions.

“Survey of the detainee on the subject of alcohol and drugs showed that in the blood of the bully contains a 1.9 ppm with a permissible dose of alcohol is 0,2 per Milles”, – stated in the message.



The police Department found that 40-the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev had previously come to the attention of law enforcement for illegal possession of drugs.

“What a pity they had a little “fun” pills to give me,” said rowdy.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings. Pre-qualification of the offense – disorderly conduct.

Earlier in the Nikolaev area the unknown made assault on a factory in the city of Bashtanka.

It was also reported that in Kiev an armed man robbed a credit institution.

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