In Nikolaev the drunk man took a hammer to several cars

В Николаеве пьяный мужчина разбил молотком несколько авто

A man with a hammer smashed the glass and broke the body

First he smashes the Windows in an office building, and then moved on to the cars standing in the yard next door.

In Nikolaev the drunk hooligan night broke with a hammer the cars parked in the yard of the house on the street of Truth, 2-A. On Thursday, November 8, report N news, citing data from social networks.

It is noted that the first drunk man beaten with a hammer the glass in the building on the street Shosseynaya, 5 – there are office space to several organizations.

After he turned his attention to the cars parked on the streets of Truth, 2-And – hammer man smashed the Windows and broke the body.

The place was called the police, the owner of the car wrote the relevant statements.

Zavodskoy police Department reported that they received complaints from two residents that in the morning they found their cars damaged.



There was video as in the river smashing police cars

Earlier in Kiev the driver smashed five cars, running away from the police.


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