In Nikolaev the man killed the owner of the apartment and lived with a corpse in the house

В Николаеве мужчина убил хозяина квартиры и жил с трупом в доме

The police detained the attacker

The attacker was beaten and then strangled the apartment owner, and after covering the body with a blanket, left to live in the apartment.

In Nikolaev the man who filmed the room, killed the landlord and for two weeks lived with a corpse in the house. On Friday, January 11, the press service of the police region.

On the disappearance of 55-year-old man drew attention to the neighbors house down the street Okeanskiy.

January 2, people asked the tenant where the landlord. He said that the owner died, but to report it to the police, it is not solved. The neighbors called the police, and the lodger, meanwhile, escaped.

First, the experts did not find the deceased external signs of violent death due to certain changes in the body. However, a forensic examination found that the landlord has fractures, and death was caused by strangulation.

Militiamen identified the personality of the criminal and 10 January detained 50-the summer native Kropiwnicki, now homeless, in the Ship area.

The detainee explained that he had beaten and then strangled a friend who lived for some time, on December 18. The conflict occurred between the drunk men due to the fact that the owner was to blame the attacker that contains his own expense.

After the murder, the attacker covered the corpse with a blanket and for two weeks lived in the apartment of the deceased owner.

The man is detained, to him is reported about suspicion in Commission of murder and elected a preventive measure. To the suspect threatens till fifteen years of imprisonment.

Earlier in Odessa region the man strangled his wife and daughter, then committed suicide.

And under the Chernivtsi carolers found the body of a murdered woman. As it turned out, the woman was strangled by her husband.

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