In Nikolaev the minibus crashed into three cars and stopped on the post

В Николаеве маршрутка трижды врезалась в авто и остановилась о столб

The driver had to remove the rescuers

The driver was so drunk that could not explain anything nor came to the police, nor journalists.

In Nikolaev the minibus while driving three times rammed a car moving in the same direction in the adjacent lane, and then flew into the oncoming lane and crashed into an electrosupport on the opposite side. This is stated in the story TSN.Friday morning, 9 November.

The accident seriously, no one was hurt, although the rescuers had to cut the locks and doors of the bus to remove the bus driver.

The driver was visually observed signs of alcohol intoxication. Clearly describe the picture of what happened he couldn’t computer cops, no reporters came.

It should be reminded, earlier in Rivne drivers of minibuses have arranged fight and have become “heroes” of the respective videos on the Internet. But Krivoy Rog marshrutchik “mark” game on the tablet during transportation of passengers.

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