In Nikolaev the recidivist sewed up his mouth in front of the court

В Николаеве рецидивист зашил себе рот перед судом

A suspect in the case about the attack on the master of sports in powerlifting was trying to delay the proceedings and succeeded.

The prisoner of the Nikolaev pre-trial detention Yury Bogomyatkov passing on the case about the attack on the master of sports on powerlifting Vladislav Gurtovenko, sewed up his mouth before the preliminary hearing. On Tuesday, June 12, according to local newspaper news N.

In this regard, the Bogomyatkov’s lawyer before the trial said that it can not be carried out because of the state of health of her client: in addition to sewn mouth, that, according to her, a week on a hunger strike.

When the judge asked the suspect about whether he will be able to participate in the process, Bogatkov only negatively waved with a head.

In turn, the Prosecutor stated that the meeting should carry out due to the fact that the person involved sewed their purpose in order to delay the case, and indicated that on June 24 the deadline for his detention. The Prosecutor supported the victim Vladislav Gurtovenko.

However, the judge decided to postpone the hearing.

Bogomyatkov accused of assaulting the master of sports on powerlifting Vladislav Gurtovenko and inflicting 15 stab wounds. The victim received wounds to the lower back, buttocks, thighs, but survived.

On Gurtovenko was attacked in October last year, when he went to the local convenience store. Outside the terminal he was accosted by two drunken men, who drove an athlete. However, it turned out that just as they attacked him with a knife near the store.

Through sports training the victim managed to escape and run to the store. There he came to the aid of the staff.

Police quickly identified the attackers – they were well-known bullies. One of them was arrested, but on the same day released. Another, a known repeat offender Yury Bogomyatkov escaped. Bogomyatkov was declared wanted and caught.

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