In Nikolaevsk a zoo poisoned snow leopard and a female Puma

В Николаевском зоопарке отравили снежного барса и самку пумы

In Nikolaevsk a zoo was poisoned by the rare snow leopard named Gaspar. About it on the page in Facebook wrote the Director of a zoo Vladimir topchy.

“Today, about 3 hours and died once. Our snow leopard. In front of me. Yes, he was poisoned. I have no words. Police work”, – topchy told.

Barcelona threw poisoned meat. He died very characteristic, as you know, sometimes poison dogs pills from tuberculosis. Leopard died of exactly the same picture. Was frothing at the mouth and all the rest”, – topchy told the local edition NikLife.

He stressed that the animal on the eve of his death and before the death was completely healthy.

“In two hours came to feeding, he was absolutely normal and healthy. Girls fed, and gone literally in 15 minutes, according to the book, they fled: “you there, snow leopard rushes around the cage and mouth foam. Came, and he was in agony was. Within 45 minutes we did not have time to do”, – topchy told.

It is reported that the birth of three cubs, the leopard was the highlight of the year in Nikolaevsk a zoo. The arrival of expectant parents renovated aviary – leopards settled next to the pumas.

As is known, the number of snow leopards in the world is disastrously low — population of the species in 2003, according to various estimates ranged from 4 to 7 thousand individuals. The animal brought in the Red book of the International Union for conservation of nature.

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