In Norway, scientists have discovered the remains of birds age of 4200 years

В Норвегии ученые обнаружили останки птицы возрастом 4200 лет

Found a bird

Discovery research in the Norwegian University of life Sciences and engineering.

Employee of the State natural service of Norway found in the mountains of the remains of the bird that lived 4200 years ago. It is reported NRK.

Due to the cold remains of birds are very well preserved. A scientist from the Norwegian University of natural Sciences and engineering jørgen Rosvold reported that this finding is unique.

“Usually when we find the remains of ancient animals, there is only skin and bones. This bird looks like she died last year,” said the researcher.

Scientists say that the good preservation of the remains and internal organs of the bird will help to study the environment of the time when she lived.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously, scientists have found in Russia the cause of the largest extinction on Earth. Large-scale magmatic eruption near the river Tunguska 252 million years ago led to the release of vast quantities of greenhouse gases, and launched the Great Permian extinction of animals.

Scientists have found the trail of the biggest living creature


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