In NUJU opposed the introduction of mandatory submission of e-declarations journalists

В НСЖУ выступили против введения обязательного предоставления е-деклараций журналистами

The introduction of the obligation for founders and editors of the media to submit electronic declarations is unacceptable. This position was expressed by the first Secretary of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko on his page in Facebook.

“At a time when preventing to work of journalists were the norm, and the majority of crimes against journalists remains not punished, attempts to limit the rights of the media, to hold them new responsibilities is unacceptable. At NUJU have a successful experience of struggle against anti-democratic initiatives. And we will make all efforts to ensure that such anti-democratic ideas don’t become reality,” – wrote Sergey Tomilenko.

He stressed that this initiative is an attempt to take control of the media: “In my opinion, to oblige the journalists to fill in the electronic Declaration is an attempt to force them to serve the government, not society. I’m frankly surprised by the initiative of deputies to make the complete electronic Declaration of journalists and media representatives. And it’s not the fear of disclosure of the mythical “excess profits” of the media. E-the Declaration is an instrument to fight corruption in the public sector. To control those who are involved in the state budget and public Finance. This instrument is the declarant takes a lot of time and attention. This is a heavy debt, which the official receives as a preservative along with budget flows. And what about the budget money should be accountable journalists who expose corruption in government? What are trying to divert their time and attention?”

According to him, information about the income and fees of the journalists in a systematic way shows what organizations, creative teams collaborating journalist in search of data and information, including on corruption of officials.

“Having these data, you can clearly understand where to put pressure to not have published the publication or investigation”, – concluded the first Secretary of NUJU.

Sergey Tomilenko said that in no democratic country in the world, the journalists do not submit declarations of power and warns that the measure will lead to the fact that Ukraine will move from “partly free” countries to the “red zone” in the rankings of respected global organizations.

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We will remind, according to “Ukrainian truth”, today the anti-corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada voted for a change in legislation that will oblige the founders and editors of the media to submit electronic declarations. Such amendment was made by MP from the faction “people’s front” Tatiana Chornovol.

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