In Ochakovo the man threatened to shoot the market for “provocation to drink vodka”

В Очакове мужчина угрожал расстрелять рынок за "провоцирование пить водку"

The man threatened to shoot the market

The offender said that the market sell alcohol, and he already for a long time can not stop drinking.

A resident of the city of Ochakov of the Nikolaev area the man called the police and stated that he intends to bombard the local market from manual anti-tank grenade launcher. On Monday, January 14, the press service of the police region.

It is noted that the 35-year-old local resident called the police the day before. He said he was going the next day at 09:00 to shoot the local market with an RPG.

Police quickly identified the caller and found at the place of residence. When law enforcement officers arrived, the man was asleep. The weapons he was not at home.

The reason for his action the man explained the fact that the market traded alcohol, provoking him so, and he’s been unsuccessfully struggling with alcoholism.

For obviously false call of special services, the attacker brought to administrative responsibility. He faces a fine from three to seven untaxed minimum incomes of citizens.

The craving for alcohol

Earlier in Sweden tired hiker was summoned to the mountain rescue helicopter. For a false call she fined 3.5 thousand dollars.

As reported, in Ukraine in 2018 from alcohol poisoning died, nine people out of ten.

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