In Odessa region the businessman took $500 thousand in his house

В Одесской области у бизнесмена отняли $500 тысяч в его доме

The police investigate assault

Businessman robbed for half a million dollars. The attackers threatened him, his wife and three children, the youngest of whom is less than three years.

In Ovidiopolsky district of Odessa region, four men committed an armed assault on the businessman and his family. The attackers managed to seize the money in the amount of about $ 500,000. On Wednesday, March 13, reports UNN with reference to law enforcement agencies.

Four malefactors in masks by night, entered a private house where lives the owner and his family. They beat the owner and threatened him with a gun, wife and three children, the youngest of which is less than three years.

Threats and violence the robbers forced the landlord to open the vault and took the money, totaling about half a million dollars and jewelry.

Then with the loot they disappeared in an unknown direction.

Recall that in late February, in Odessa region there was a similar crime – criminals by night broke into the house of a farmer, beat and robbed him.

Also in the Odessa region the man shot and killed a pensioner and her grandson for the Bank card and phone.


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