In Odessa region the husband “cooked” wife in water – media

В Одесской области муж "сварил" жену в кипятке - СМИ

The man was detained

Resident Shabo, Belgorod-Dniester district, died from burns over 20% of the body surface.

In the village of Shabo, Odessa oblast, the husband killed his wife by dousing with boiling water. On Friday, March 29, writes Odessa Online, citing police sources.

Established between the deceased and her roommate during drinking of alcoholic drinks there was a quarrel during which the man grabbed a bucket of boiling water and poured spouse.

The woman received serious burns to the lower body, but to doctors did not address, and a few days later died.

The man was detained, he faces a penalty of imprisonment for a period of 7 to 10 years.

On the eve of Odessa died year-old child who fell into a bucket of boiling water.

It was also reported that in the Vinnitsa region alone, the parents treated the burns on the girl’s legs and feet. The baby died.


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