In Odessa region the man has stolen the sausage and sat for five years

В Одесской области юноша украл колбасу и сел на пять лет

The man received a five-year term for stealing sausages

The young man was serving a suspended sentence for theft committed earlier. The court merged the sentences for both crimes.

In the Odessa region 19-year-old boy was sentenced to five years imprisonment after stealing sausages from the fridge in a private home. On Tuesday, February 12, the press service of the police region.

According to the report, a local resident said the police due to loss 30 kg smoked meat products from the fridge in the summer kitchen. The products were prepared for implementation in the local market.

DVR installed in the household of the applicant, stated that about midnight an attacker with a metal pipe broke the lock on the door of the kitchen and came back with a bag of groceries.

At the time of the crime 19-the summer young man was serving a conditional sentence for property crime committed earlier. The young man seized the stolen products, however, due to poor storage they have deteriorated.

The attacker was reported about suspicion in theft. The case with the indictment is directed to court.

During the court hearings the accused fully admitted his guilt. The court appointed him a sentence of five years and one month imprisonment, adding the unserved part of the previous sentence.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev the staff of SBU was stealing cable. Arrived at the scene of the incident to the police they showed an ID of the SBU.

Earlier in Cherkasy unknown robbed the car of one of the judges.


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