In Odessa region the man was hiding a grenade in the oven

В Одесской области мужчина прятал гранату в печи

The grenade was the fuse

Police said the attacker, allegedly found ammunition in the cemetery and intended to sell them.

Police officers seized ammunition from a resident of the village Prilimanskoe of the Ovidiopolsky area. About atom reports management of Ukraine in Odesa region on Wednesday, may 16.

It is noted that 28 bullets and a grenade fuse 46-year-old man kept in his house in the oven.

“The police, the attacker explained that the ammunition found in the cemetery and intended to sell them”, – stated in the message.

Law enforcement authorities seized ammunition was sent for examination. Initiated criminal proceedings under article about illegal circulation of weapons and ammunition (part 1 of article 263 UK of Ukraine). The man faces a prison sentence of two to five years.

Earlier, the SBU seized in Sumy grenade launcher and grenades. The local stored in the back of the weapon that was illegally brought from the Donetsk region.

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