In Odessa region unknown seized the gas station

В Одесской области неизвестные захватили заправку

Raider seizure of petrol stations under the black sea

The Mustang gas station in the village of Aleksandrovka, Odessa region there is a raider capture.

In the Odessa region on the Mustang gas station in the village of Aleksandrovka on the street Victory there is a raider capture. On Thursday, March 14, according to local newspaper

According to eyewitnesses, the front door of the filling is broken, the entrance is blocked by truck tanker, guarded by people of a sports Constitution.



It is also known that now on a place of incident is more than 30 employees of the black sea branch of police.

Earlier the health Ministry said on the next attempt of the ex-rector of Ekaterina Amosova and its supporters to seize the building of the rectorate of the National medical University. A. A. Bogomolets in Kiev.

It was also reported that in Kiev at the gas station on Prospekt Akademika Glushkova, 9a was a mass brawl that injured several men.

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