In Odessa the woman stuck in a burning Elevator

В Одессе женщина застряла в горящем лифте

The woman was in a burning trap

The Elevator caught fire due to short circuit.

In Odessa, the nine-storey building on the street Shishkin due to a short circuit in the switchboard lit up lift, which drove the woman. About it reports regional management of gschs

As noted, a short circuit in the switchboard occurred on 16 October at 20:41. The Elevator got stuck and caught fire on the 3rd floor. This time it was a woman.

“Rescuers arrived within 10 minutes and using a special tool opened the door of the Elevator. The injured woman transferred to workers of an emergency medical care. Then the fire extinguisher put out the fire in the switchboard,” – said in the message.

According to rescuers, the area of the fire amounted to 0.2 square meters. The ignition reason – short circuit of the meter.

To extinguish the Elevator in high-rise buildings came 4 pieces of firefighting and rescue equipment and 15 persons of staff.

We will remind, in Kherson in an apartment building collapsed in the Elevator, which at the time were two children.