In Paris used gas against the protesters

В Париже применили газ против протестующих

The protesters was seen “yellow jackets”

In Paris it is expected at least four of the announced protest marches. In their anticipation of the detained dozens of people.

The Paris police used tear gas against hundreds of people, EN route to a demonstration on the Champs Elysees Saturday, 21 September, told television channel BFM.

Several hundred people approached the cordon of police that blocked the street leading to the Elysian fields. People started shouting slogans after which police used tear gas and a crowd of people turned.

According to the staff of the TV channel CNEWS, after some time, the police again used tear gas on the street, what part of the Champs-elysées was covered with thick smoke.

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Les forces de l’ordre repoussent les manifestants sur les Champs-Élysées

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According to media reports, police detained 90 people on the eve of the demonstrations of the “yellow jackets.” Also, the guards inspected a few hundred people.

In addition, as noted by the Prefecture of police on Twitter, 10 people were fined for attempting to go to the demonstration on the Avenue des Champs elysées, any demonstrations on Saturday is prohibited.

In Paris and Versailles today, it is expected from four separate stocks. The organizers of two of them encourage members to go to the Elysian fields, despite the strict ban of the Paris authorities, other possible routes of the marches publicly announced at all.

Two of the March for climate and social justice are planned in Paris and Versailles. The southern districts of the French capital in the middle of the day also crosses the column of demonstrators opposed to pension reform.

As reported, the protests in France were resumed two weeks ago after about a month break.

The Swiss Parliament staged a musical protest


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