In Parliament created five working groups to investigate attacks on activists

В Раде создали пять рабочих групп по расследованию нападений на активистов

VSK has established five working groups investigating the attacks on activists

Temporary investigative Commission of the Parliament identified a list of attacks that will be investigated.

During the meeting of the temporary investigative Commission in the case of Catherine Gandzyuk on Tuesday, November 20, it was decided to establish working groups that will consider attacking activists in five cities of Ukraine. This was announced by MP of Ukraine, member of TSC Borislav Birch on his page in Facebook.

He noted that at the meeting of the FAC, the decision was made to send requests to-do list, “which is now in the FAC”.

“It is necessary to understand the General situation and the statistical fixing of, at what stage today is the result of a particular case. We chose the list, which will focus attention. The reason that we are unable to study carefully all the cases, is that we have too little time for their treatment – until February 1,… if the term of the Commission will continue, it will be able to do any number of things from the so-called “list Gandzyuk,” said Birch.

The MP announced the list, which FAC will pay special attention to:

1. Kherson — the case of Catherine Gandzyuk and Sarmatian.

2. Severodonetsk — the case of Sergey Samara.

3. Kiev — the case of Valentina Makarova.

4. Odessa — Sergey Sternenko, Vitaly Ustimenko Oleg Mikhailik.

5. Kharkov — the case of Nicholas the bulls.

In addition, Birch called deputies, who will serve in each of these working groups:

1. Kherson – Birch, Nye, Alekseev, Centurion

2. Severodonetsk – Irina Gerashchenko, V. Karpuntsov, Savrasov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Anton Gerashchenko, Pavlenko

3. Kiev – Birch, Lutsenko, Gerashchenko, Buglak, Alekseev

4. Odessa – The Centurion, Mosiychuk, Yednak, Pavlenko, Janicki

5. Kharkov – Nye, Karpuntsov, Yednak.

The rest of the deputies, he said, to decide in the coming days.

“The next Commission meeting will be held on the road in Kherson on 29 and 30 November. And the next meeting will be held in Kiev in session week 4 or 6 December. The exact date will be approved in the near future”, – said Birch.

We will remind, the Parliament created the Commission on the attacks on activists. Its membership will consists of 16 parliamentarians.

Earlier the lawyer Gandzyuk required the exclusion of Anton Gerashchenko from the composition of the FAC.


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