In Parliament the MP was forced to move into the Ukrainian language

В Раде нардепа заставили перейти на украинский язык

Kisse forced to move into the Ukrainian language

Anton Kisse was inside the language of the incident.

At the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Oksana Rawfoodist forced the people’s Deputy from party Our region Anton Kisse to speak the Ukrainian language. The corresponding video is published on the website YouTube.

So, during meetings, when Cisse came to the podium and began to speak in Russian, raw foodists told him that he should speak in Parliament solely on the Ukrainian language.

In response Kisse said yet not speak the state language, but attends and after a month try to speak Ukrainian.

Raw foodists allowed to speak Russian only one minute.

Exactly a minute later, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament has turned off Russian-speaking MP microphone.

“Or you can continue in the Ukrainian language, or ask you to sit. The rules are the same for all,” said Rawfoodist, after which the microphone of the Deputy was disabled.

We will remind, earlier the Deputy of the people’s Will Eugene rybczynski stated that the use of the Russian language by state officials can be compared with fornication.