In Pavlograd will judge a man that is 128 times hit his wife with a knife and caused an explosion in the apartment

В Павлограде будут судить мужчину, который 128 раз ударил супругу ножом и устроил взрыв в квартире

In Pavlograd the Dnepropetrovsk oblast Prosecutor’s office sent to court indictment against 60-year-old man, who in September 2016 killed his wife and staged a gas explosion in their apartment. About it reports a press-Department service.

As noted in the Department, the incident occurred during an argument in a stairwell near the apartment where they lived. “The indignant man with cruelty inflicted wife 128 beats a prepared kitchen knife, then seized the money of the spouse totaling more than 34 thousand hryvnias”, – reported in Department.

Also in Prosecutor’s office of Dnipropetrovsk region noted that after that the man decided to have a gas explosion, which was damaged 5-storey panel house, which led to losses for the sum about 2 million UAH.

He is charged with committing crimes under part 2 of article 115 UK of Ukraine – “Premeditated murder committed with special cruelty and selfish motives”, part 4 of article 187 of the criminal code – “Robbery” and part 2 of article 194 of the criminal code “Destruction or damage of another’s property by arson, explosion, which caused damage in especially large sizes”.

“The accused can be punished with imprisonment for the term from 10 till 15 years or lifelong imprisonment”, – noted in the Department.

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