In Peru as a result of two accidents killed about 30 people

В Перу в результате двух ДТП погибли около 30 человек

In Peru as a result of two road accidents killed 27 people, another 40 people were injured, according to CNN.

According to the report, the first accident happened near the capital of Lima. Two passenger buses had a race on the road, causing one of them crashed into a car, left the highway and crashed into a building on the roadside. As a result of collision the right side of the bus was completely destroyed. At the place of accident ten people were killed, another died later in the hospital, 30 people were injured.

The second accident occurred in the Cajamarca region in the North of the country. There lorry with people fell into the abyss. 16 people were killed, at least nine were injured.

As reported previously in Peru has fallen into the abyss of the bus. As a result of this tragedy killed at least 24 people.