In Petersburg has appeared is Dr. Komarovsky

В Петербурге появилась реклама доктора Комаровского

Advertising Yevgeny Komarovsky

Well-known pediatrician, stated participant of the festival Weekend Baby.

On the streets of St. Petersburg appeared billboards depicting famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski. The corresponding photo on the page in Facebook published Andrey Vajra.

“Go on Peter, and then suddenly ops… Familiar faces! Pan Komarovsky! You so ardently extolled the Maidan, and when he won, not want to enjoy its results. Now you are earning money in Russia?”, – wrote the Vajra.

He also expressed the opinion that the patriots of Ukraine don’t know that Komorowski “teaches Muscovites to improve their health and prolong life”.

“Are not you afraid in Kiev put in the trash or beat me to death?”, – added the Vajra.

Note that on a Billboard Dr. Komorowski stated by the participant of the festival Weekend Baby, which was to be held on 8 July in St Petersburg in the Primorsky Victory Park. On the participation of a pediatrician in the event information yet, but Komsomolskaya Pravda announces his arrival in the Russian city.

It is reported that Komorowski had to read three lectures: “caring for the baby in the first days of life”, “Medicines and Self-medication. Main rules. Communication with the pediatrician – what to pay attention”, “Children’s medicine without myths”.

“Mom and dad St. Petersburg will not be alone in a sea of complex issues,” says the publication.

The Metro website also confirms the arrival of Komarovsky in Saint Petersburg, published a joint photo with the editors.

В Петербурге появилась реклама доктора Комаровского

Dr. Komorowski and the editors of the Russian website Metro. Photo:

“Last time I was in the spring of 2013, but I write a lot of your city is understanding the audience with which pleasantly to communicate,” said Dr. in the comments.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in Krivoy Rog removed a Billboard from the downed Il-76. It turned out that on the Billboard was a picture of separatists LNR on the wreckage of the downed them aircraft.