In Pochaev noticed pilgrims in a provocative t-shirts

В Почаеве заметили паломников в провокационных футболках

The participants of the procession in Pochaev

Some pilgrims militiamen led preventive discussions and recommended to change the “uniform”.

During a religious procession in the monastery among the pilgrims of the UOC-MP eyewitnesses saw men in black t-shirts with slogans that called for war. This was announced on his page in Facebook the Archbishop of the UOC-KP yevstratiy (Zorya), which published the photos.

“Get ready for war… Just sent today’s photos of Pochayev. Write about the dozens of men in identical shirts, the inscription on which begins with the words “get Ready for war…” (words from the book of the prophet Joel 3: 9-10). Came with a procession from Kamenetz-Podolsk. “Russian Orthodox army”? Slavyansk-2?”, – wrote the Archbishop.

Later the Deputy of the city Council of Pochaev Taras palianytsia said that he had addressed this issue to the police. Militiamen led preventive discussions with these pilgrims. They also advised to change clothes.

“I have information of a person depicted in the photo, was installed the appropriate services and structures 25.08.2018… they were “relevant conversations” and recommended to change their “uniform”. Violations of the law in this case because on the shirt was the inscription quoted from the Bible,” wrote Taras Palyanitsa in Facebook.

The publication of Religious truth with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies reported that t-shirts that call to prepare for war, the pilgrims gave the organizers of the movement – representatives of the Kamenetz-Podolsk diocese of the UOC-MP. The men explained that “t-shirts were given to the organizers at the beginning of the turn.”

“The organizers of the March – Kamenetz-Podolsk diocese of the UOC-MP. Until we know that the so-called “Orthodox crusaders”. The t-shirts they were given in order to make them stand out from the crowd. His involvement in some law enforcement organizations, these men deny, – said the source. Several people we interviewed. They inhabitants of villages in Khmelnytskyi oblast”.

According to the Metropolitan of the UOC-KP Antoniy (Makhota), men supposedly are related to the security structures of Khmelnitsky region. In particular, some of them working in private companies providing security services.

Recall that in late July in Kiev held two godparents stroke 1030 in honor of the anniversary of Baptism of Kievan Rus. So, on 27 July the UOC-MP said about 250 thousand people sobrevida believers. The police, however, counted significantly less faithful – to 20 thousand.

The next day a procession spent the UOC-KP. Militiamen counted three times more participants – 65 thousand.

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