In Poland beat up a student from Ukraine

В Польше избили студента из Украины

In Lublin beat of citizen of Ukraine

The police said that the incident is not connected with national hatred.

Citizen of Ukraine was beaten in the academic town of Lublin, reports Polish radio.

It is noted that the 25-year-old Eugene in absentia studies at faculty of veterinary medicine. In the night from 26 to 27 August, he was stopped by three men and one woman in a drunken state and demanded money.

When it turned out that the student is not, the question was asked where he was from. Eugene replied, which is a pole, who came from Ukraine. After that he was beaten.

The representative of the police commander Renata Laska-Rusek said that the beating of a student from the Ukraine was not a crime motivated by ethnic hatred.

She also noted that one of the attackers has already been arrested for three months and he was informed about the suspected robbery. This 39-year-old resident of Lublin, who spent several years in prison. Police also found the data of the second of the attackers.

Earlier it was reported that in Gdansk, Poland, three drunken men attacked 24-year-old Ukrainian. The result of the beating he received injuries to the head and hands.

Poland beat students from Ukraine