In Poland confirmed the receipt of coal from Donbass

В Польше подтвердили получение угля с Донбасса

Energy Minister of Ukraine, says the situation is “very unpleasant”.

Energy Minister of Poland Krzysztof Tchorzewski confirmed the import of anthracite from the occupied parts of Donbas. It is reported by the Polish newspaper Biznes Alert Wednesday, October 4.

“There were imported 11 million tons of coal – as much as day consumes one energy unit,” said Kujawski.

In turn in Poland, a visit by the Minister of energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik said the situation is not quite the partner.

“We buy anthracite in the United States and African countries, and Poland – have our occupied territories… That’s not very cooperative, and we hope that the Polish government will react to this situation,” said Nasalik.

He stressed that it should react in Poland, the public and relevant agencies. The Minister noted that information on the origin of coal is easily verified by determining chemical characteristics of a particular batch of coal.

Earlier, Polish media reported that the anthracite from the occupied Donbass thanks to the Russian semi-legal documents come to Poland. Profit from this gets basically the leader of the separatist organization LNR Igor Carpenter, the media is saying.

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