In Poland more than 50 Ukrainians illegally manufactured cigarettes

В Польше более 50 украинцев нелегально изготавливали сигареты

Seized cigarettes

Citizens of Ukraine managed to produce about 52 million of cigarettes.

The district Prosecutor of Warsaw sent indictments against 53 citizens of Ukraine. We are talking about the illegal manufacture of tobacco products, writes the Polish radio.

According to the investigation, from September 2015 to January 2016 defendants have produced approximately 52 million cigarettes and more than 2,000 kg of tobacco. The total value of the products amounts to more than 4.7 million PLN (about 1 million).

The press-Secretary of the district Prosecutor of Warsaw’s Lukasz Lapchinsky told that the defendants were in criminal activities in several places near Warsaw.

“The accused was detained in the framework of the investigation conducted by the district Prosecutor’s office in Warsaw and the Central investigation Bureau of the police. They were the criminal activities of Warsaw – in areas Xeneize, Benefits, Milanówek and Manjimaru. In Xenitia was a storage room and a special machine for the manufacture of cigarettes. In Milesovka and Mezibori these cigarettes were Packed in bundles of 20 pieces, and Beneva was the warehouse in which was stored manufactured products”, – said Lapczynski.

He stressed that earlier sentenced to imprisonment and fined, was sentenced two citizens of Ukraine, who led the illegal manufacture of cigarettes.

As reported Корреспондент.netin July, the Warsaw police detained three people who have seized 145 thousand pieces of cigarettes and more than 300 kg of cut tobacco. Among the detained 34-the summer citizen of Poland, and also two citizens of Ukraine – a 21-year-old and 38-year-old man.

Earlier, the citizen of Russia chest again changed his last name to carry cigarettes in Poland.