In Poland show, the musical about Pope John Paul II

В Польше покажут мюзикл о Папе Иоанне Павле II

In Poland will be set a musical, about the life of Pope John Paul II, reports the BBC.

Specifies that the named view will be “Carol”, named after Karol Wojtyla, which dad wore to the enthronement. The premiere show is scheduled for February 2016. For the world premiere of the musical in the city of Krakow, and not by accident – then John Paul II spent more than 10 years of his life.

As the musical material for the show producers chose the rock songs. The main role of the Primate of the Roman Catholic Church was invited a little-known Polish Jacek Kawalec. According to the actor, the image of the personality of John Paul II he will try to show “first of all, a man who had friends and who loved life.”

The musical “Carol” tells the story of the life of the Pope during the Second world war and decades of communism.

“In the history of our country did not have the same shape, which embodies the important events of the XX century”, — said the artistic Director of the production Mikhail Karmarck.

Recall that John Paul II became Pope on 16 October 1978, at the age of 58.