In Poland, the leaders among foreigners spending became Ukrainians

В Польше лидерами среди иностранцев по тратам стали украинцы

Ukrainians spare no money to buy it in Poland

Ukrainians during a trip leaves in Polish cafes and shops 5600 hryvnias.

Ukrainians constitute the fifth part of all foreigners arriving in Poland, but in terms of spending money per trip are the indisputable leaders. This was announced by the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko in Facebook.

“One Ukrainian, one trip leaves in Polish shops, cafes and hotels over RS 5,600, according to the II quarter of 2017, almost 80% of the average wage of a citizen of our country. Exactly what the Ukrainians are left in Poland his entire salary, it is surprising the poles”, – he wrote.

According to him, for the second quarter of 2017, the Ukrainians left Poland $ 0.5 billion At the peak of the purchases occurred in the fourth quarter. For the last three months of last year, the Ukrainians left Poland about $ 0.66 billion, second only to inhabitants of Germany. Money Ukrainians make up 28% of the costs of all foreigners, while the proportion of Germans was 40%.

Thus, in 2016, Ukrainians working abroad transferred to Ukraine to $7 billion In the same year, only in Poland people have left about $ 2.2 billion.

“In addition to low prices purchase Western neighbor attracted by the fact that by purchasing at one store at 1460 UAH have the opportunity to use Tax Free, that is a VAT refund in the amount of from 5 to 23% depending on the product category. The money can be returned and in the same store where you bought the goods within 3 – 7 months. This stimulates the return of consumers in Poland who go there several times a year, each time leaving money,” – said Doroshenko.

Recall that the number of citizens of Ukraine, involved in the Polish economy, can be estimated at 770 thousand people.