In Poland, the police mocked the Ukrainian media

В Польше полицейские поиздевались над украинкой – СМИ

Police of Poland mocked Ukrainian

The police had intimidated the girl with deportation and forced her to undress.

Police Polish Wroclaw day without any reason detained the 21-summer citizen of Ukraine at the police station, threatening her with deportation and forced to undress. On Wednesday, October 4, reported Gazeta Wyborcza.

It is noted that law enforcement asked a local resident, who stole the phone. In the crime he accused a young girl from Ukraine.

Soon, the police detained her without any reason and without explanation.

According to media reports, the young man simply decided to expose his ex-girlfriend, with whom they quarreled.

The victim claims that the police twice forced to undress completely for a search. It was also threatened with deportation, claiming that the Ukrainians have no place in Wroclaw.

Police refute all accusations from Ukrainian.

We will remind, earlier in shop of Poland placed a sign that every citizen of Ukraine at the exit will be checked.