In Poland told about the coal from the territories of the LC

В Польше рассказали об угле с территорий ЛНР

The coal is shipped to Poland semi

On trade, mainly profiting the leader LNR Igor Carpenter, writes the Polish edition.

Anthracite coal from the occupied territories of Donbass semi-hits in Poland, and profit from it mainly receives the leader of the separatist organization LNR Igor Carpentry, reports the Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

The publication learned that the coal from the Donbas to Poland through Russia, where he obtains a false certificate of origin.

Export of Poland hard coal from the occupied territories in the firm Doncoaltrade, was in Katowice in 2012. The Polish state register of its Chairman and main shareholder is Alexander Melnychuk, who for some time was the so-called Deputy Minister of energy and coal industry of the LC.

“Melnychuk sending to Russia the coal from the mines, which it controls, and persons engaged in kopanka. The bandits-the owners of coal mines sell anthracite at $ 22 per ton, while its official price on the border with Poland is 140 dollars”,- notes the newspaper.

Officially Russia perceives this as coal imports from Ukraine. At the same time, Ukraine considers it contraband, because they do not control the border with Russia, and, accordingly, the exports from ORDO.

The publication notes that it is difficult to estimate how much coal is thus got and continues to get to Poland. The calculations complicates the fact that this scheme is difficult to recognize as contraband since the prohibition of exports from Ukraine only applies to Crimea.

The scheme of getting the coal from the Donbass in the EU publication confirmed the Chairman of the East human rights group Pavel Lisyansky, who once was Deputy Director of two mines in the Luhansk region.

According to him, every ton of coal that LC sold to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government in his pocket Carpenter got 500 UAH. He believes that its share of Carpenter has also anthracite, are exported to Poland.

Earlier it was reported that a company-strip Russia is selling coal to Europe, which is illegally produced in occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In Russia confirmed this information.