In Poland warned about fake about a battered Ukrainian

В Польше предупредили про фейк об избитой украинке

Distributed Network video about the beating of Ukrainian girls in Poland called fake.

Many Ukrainian media have published the news about the beating of Ukrainian Schoolgirls peers near one of the schools of the Polish city of Gdansk.

Professor, University of Gdansk, Ukrainian activist and volunteer movement in support of the Euromaidan Mar Koval disproved information on his page in Facebook.

“The case is sad and terrible, but the victim of the beating is not a Ukrainian! A Polish schoolgirl, which, moreover, she had problems with the law. No video or FB material, which is used by vedomosti (page Petrovskoi Marika Marika Pytlewska, which, by the way for some reason called Pudlowski is obvious you do not know how to read in the Latin alphabet the letter “b” ) there are no words and there is no mention of the nationality of the battered girl,” writes Smith.

Also the Professor claims that the Ukrainian media this information was reprinted from the Russian portal vedomosti.

We will remind, news about the massacre of Ukrainians in Poland appear frighteningly often. So, in January it was reported that in the Polish city of Ukraine and was beaten by a group of students from Ukraine.

In Poland, the Ukrainians and the poles staged a mass brawl