In Poltava car MP knocked the child

В Полтаве автомобиль нардепа сбил ребенка

The MP says the Bagel that got into an accident the first time

Two teenagers ran across the road in the wrong place, one child was hospitalized.

In Poltava in the accident the car Skoda Octavia, which was independent Deputy Rada Yuriy Bagel and his assistant Andrew, knocked down a 12-year-old child, the boy was hospitalized, reports the local edition of Poltava.

According to the publication, the accident occurred in the Oktyabrsky district, at the intersection of Frunze and Lenin.

“The car, which was people’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Bublik and his assistant Andrew (last ran the car) Skoda Octavia knocked suddenly ran out in the road 12-year-old boy Dmitri, who ran across the road with a friend. The last after an accident gained the father of the victim and informed him about the incident”, – reports the edition.

According to the Deputy the vehicle was traveling at a speed of about 30 km/h, the hip guy broke the windshield. An ambulance arrived promptly. The victim accompanied by his father was hospitalized.

According to doctors, the boy has a condition of average weight, closer to satisfactory – he bruises, no fractures.

“Bagel said that this is the first in his life, the accident, fortunately, the victim was still alive”, – writes the edition.

As reported today in Kiev from-for road accident with a wagon have any kilometers of tube in the region of Odessa bridge.