In prison Vinnitsa is dying of a terminally ill prisoner – journalist

В тюрьме Винницы умирает смертельно больной заключенный - журналист

In the winery, the prisoner dies of cancer

The wife of the prisoner can’t take it out of prison. The court, which depends on the decision, to release or Stanislaus home, takes meeting.

In Vinnytsia life prisoner Stanislav, who was diagnosed with lung cancer, dying in a prison cell. On Saturday, may 5, on his page on the social network Facebook said the journalist Yuliya Bozhko.

According to her, three months Stanislav does not go. Because of this, he developed bedsores, which turned into open sores.

“The Commission, which examined Stanislaus, confirmed that he is terminally ill. But the court, on which depends the decision whether or not to release a sick person home, takes, takes meetings”, – wrote the journalist.

Stanislaus ready to watch his wife, Anna, who lives in Germany.

“She doesn’t know how to explain to people here that Stanislaw has little time left, she wanted the last thing he sees, it would be certainly not the indifference of prison staff. Is this also a punishment to give a man die in agony without painkillers and proper care,” wrote Bozhko.

The journalist added that it is hard for the dying person should not be in such circumstances – in a prison cell without medical assistance.



Earlier it was reported that in the Kiev prison dead a mentally ill inmate.


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