In Russia hold more than 30 citizens of Ukraine – human rights activist

В РФ удерживают более 30 граждан Украины, - правозащитница

After the liberation of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko in Russia continue to hold behind bars for at least 31 Ukrainian, 16 of which – the Crimean Tatars. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of the Center for civil liberties (TSGS) Alexandra Matviychuk.

According to her, human rights defenders it is known that in Russia in the so-called “case of the Crimean terrorists” detained Oleg Sentsov, Alexey Chirny, Alexander Kolchenko, Gennady Afanasiev, according to the “Chechen case” – Stanislav Klyh and Mykola Karpyuk, and in the case of Euromaidan” – Alexander Kostenko.

In the so-called “case of spies” Russian investigators pursue Valentine Vygovsky, Yuri Soloshenko and Victor Shura, in the case of the Punisher” – Sergei Litvinov, and in the case of “pressure on Mustafa Cemil – Hayser Jemilev, said Matviychuk.

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In addition to occupied Crimea, their sentences are waiting for 19 people. In the “case on February 26, – Ahtem Chiygoz, degermendzhi Mustafa, Ali Asanov, “in the case of Euromaidan” – Andrei Kolomiets, “the case of the blogger” – Yuriy Ilchenko.

The human rights activist stressed that the greatest number of citizens of Ukraine are in the “case of the Crimean Muslims” – Enver Mamutov, Enver Bekirov, Ramsey Memetov, Rustem Abiltaev, Muslum Aliyev, Rustem Vahitov, Arsen Djeparov, Sewri Abseitov, Vadim SIRUK, Nuri Primov, Emir-Usein cook, Mr. Alimov, Ruslan Sadulaev, Ferat Saifulaev.

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