In Russia, it has blocked more than 16 million IP addresses for Amazon and Google

В РФ заблокировали более 16 млн IP-адресов Amazon и Google

Blocked in Russia 12.1 million IP addresses agencies Amazon

In an attempt to block the messenger Telegram Roskomnadzor began to contribute massively to the list of prohibited on the territory of Russia of resources of the IP address hosting providers Google and Amazon.

Roskomnadzor blocked more than 16 million IP addresses hosting providers Google and Amazon. This is according to the website

It is noted that the site uses for statistical purposes all domain names for the unloading of Roskomnadzor, which is published on the Agency’s website. However, the upload of banned sites directed Internet service providers.

“Based on the list of the blocked subnets, Roskomnadzor initiated the blocking of 9.4 thousand IP addresses was by Telegram, and 3.6 million IP addresses, Google and 12.1 million IP addresses Amazon structures”, – stated in the message.

As noted, only Amazon 19.7 million IP addresses, so most of the resources using the Amazon network will be unavailable in Russia, after blocking all subnets from the registry.

We will remind, on Monday, April 16, Roskomnadzor started blocking Telegram Messenger LLP, by sending the relevant information to the operators. By the evening of the same day, reports emerged that the Agency began to add to the list of prohibited resources IP address Amazon Web Services. On Monday in the register of banned resources were more than 1 million IP addresses.

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