In Russia on the territory of the former Arsenal explosion, there are victims

В России на территории бывшего арсенала произошел взрыв, есть жертвы

The explosion near the Cathedral in Cairo

In Russia on the territory of the former Arsenal in settlement Urman in Iglinsky area of Bashkiria has occurred the explosion, which killed two men. This was announced by senior assistant Director of SU TFR in the Republic Svetlana Abramova, reports “Interfax”.

“Upon the death of the two inhabitants of Iglinsky district conducted preliminary examination. Personality dead set. Presumably, this men 24 and 22 years,” she said.

According to her, the circumstances of the death are currently installed.

A law enforcement source reported that, according to preliminary data, the men illegally entered the territory of the former Arsenal to collect metal.

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According to Russian media, a military Arsenal in Iglinskiy district of Bashkiria was disbanded after a major fire in 2011. Then, in the village of Urman, located 500 metres from a military depot in the accident burnt down three streets, homeless 116 people. More than 800 buildings, including a school and a kindergarten, was destroyed. Three victims of the explosion was in the hospital.

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