In Russia opened a case against suppliers of gasoline in the Crimea

В РФ возбудили дело против поставщиков бензина в Крым

FAS filed a case against retail vendors of gasoline in the Crimea

The Antimonopoly office concluded that the petroleum products in the Crimea resold between companies several times before coming to a gas station.

The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia initiated a case against ten companies, which engaged in retail supply of petroleum products to the annexed Crimea. On Tuesday, April 17, the press service of the FAS.

“Ten companies, namely: RUANT, Consonance, OOO, OOO Firma TPP, Kedr, OOO, OOO brokering the Alliance of independent traders, Darts, OOO, OOO Toplivnaya Kompaniya Karat, OOO Produkt-invest, OOO KD-OYL and OYL synergy Groups are suspected of violation of the Antimonopoly legislation”, – stated in the message service.

Noted that the company opened a case on the grounds of violation of the law on protection of competition (prohibition of competition-restricting agreements of economic entities).

It is noted that the competition authority has examined the retail market for motor gasoline and diesel fuel in the Crimea, and concluded that “oil is resold between companies several times before coming to a gas station”.

Agreements for the resale of goods between companies also have the signs of concerted actions between economic entities that lead to restriction of competition in the oil market in the Crimea and allow the companies “to have a significant impact on the retail sales price” indicates the FAS.

Earlier it was reported that in Crimea, the military kidnapped nearly 70 tons of diesel fuel.

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