In Russia, the coach of a hockey hit with a club kid during the game

В РФ тренер команды по хоккею ударил клюшкой ребенка во время игры

Alexander Troitsky in the green shirt in the bottom row.

The coach was immediately dismissed and brought criminal case on him.

Coach children’s hockey team Beam from Sergiev Posad Alexander Troitsky hit with a club hockey team during a match.

“I was ejected from the game and the next game I was supposed to miss. Then the coach lost his nerve, and he struck me on the back so that I fell. Then he walked over me and went on,” – said the injured Nikita I.

Coach children’s hockey team from the suburbs hit the child with a stick during a game

— R-Sport (@rsportru) on 3 October 2017.

Beam reported that the coach was fired. The man pleaded guilty, but refused to comment on the incident. “Sorry, I don’t want to discuss it. And the guilt I will certainly admit,” said Trinity.

It is reported that a man opened a criminal case after a visit to a child health facility.

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