In Russia, the contractor was fired due to his refusal to go to war in Donbass

In Russia, senior Sergeant 536-th separate coastal missile and artillery brigade of the military unit 10544 in the Murmansk region Vladimir Marchukov said that he was fired for refusing to go to war in the Donbass. About it reports “RBC”.

Marchuk has complained to the Council on human rights under the President of Russia (HRC) on 10 November he was dismissed from service by violation of his rights under the contract.

Male 1990-served in the structures of the interior Ministry and the defense Ministry. In March 2014 he was called up for military service in 536 brigade, part 10544. He was sent to the first division of coastal anti-ship complex “Redoubt” by the operator of the rocket launcher.

Marchukov told the Agency that at the end of January 2015 contract his brigade was summoned, and the Colonel threatened subordinates with dismissal if they refused to go to fight in Ukraine.

According to him, several people at once refused, and the remaining 56 went to the village of Sputnik near Murmansk, where is the 61st separate Kirkenes red banner naval infantry brigade. There soldiers passed military training with the change of military occupational specialties. Marchukov received sailor the position of the arrow. The exercises included shooting and training with special equipment.

Later, this village came to the Deputy on educational work part 10544 Colonel Vyacheslav Okan, who recalled the need to travel to Ukraine.

“RBC” reports that they have an audio recording of a conversation in which the officer said “not exclude the option of switching to the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions to provide direct assistance.” In February 2015, just had a battle for the city debaltseve.

Contractor Marchukov went to the Donbass, however, his wife filed a complaint to the HRC. In part to check out Commission from the defense Ministry.

“After the treatment of his wife in HRC part command denied sending a contract in Ukraine; it explained that they were sent for retraining. But it does not have to change in military card military profession”, — said Marchukov.

His wife, who worked as a sailor in the dining room part 10544, said that soon after treatment she was forced to leave without recording in the employment record and return with the child in Murmansk.

The complaint of the military in the HRC refers to the pressure command after the scandal in the Satellite. He said that the authorities had illegally entered in his service card recovery, counterfeiting of the signature, which later he was able to report to the military Prosecutor.

In the beginning of 2016 Marchukova presented a certification sheet, which stated disciplinary breach of contract, but to sign the document, he refused.

Recertification was appointed on November 8, 2016, but he’s failing. On 10 November he was dismissed from the armed forces by the order. Did the military called the certification “window dressing”. He believes the order of dismissal illegal and links it with the refusal to go to the Donbass.

The commander of the unit 10544 said that lie failed certification because of drunk driving.

“December 31 last year he was stopped drunk driving. Documents (part – ed) came just now, he tried to arrange to have the documents did not come to command,” said the commander.

Marchukov says that about the incident, he immediately reported to the command and paid the fine. In this part I continue to assert that from Murmansk contract “no one ever went” to the Donbass.

We will remind that last year the Russian edition “” reported that several dozen Russian contract soldiers escaped from the site in the Rostov region, as were afraid of sending to the East Ukraine. It was reported that against them criminal cases are brought, to them threatens till 10 years of imprisonment for leaving parts and desertion.