In Russia, the FSB detained a top Manager of the company that built the bridge in the Crimea – source

В России ФСБ задержала топ-менеджера компании, которая строила энергомост в Крым, - источник

In Russia, the FSB detained top-Manager of “Federal grid company of Unified energy system” Valery Goncharov while trying to leave the country. He is suspected of fraud in especially large sizes in the construction of the power bridge to the Crimea, transfers the edition “the New newspaper”.

CSS operatives of the FSB arrested Goncharov in one of Moscow’s airports when trying to fly abroad.

It is reported that at the place of work and multiple home addresses Valeria Goncharova was raided.

Recall, 22 November 2015 the supply of electricity from Ukraine to Crimea was completely stopped due to the blowing up of transmission towers in the Kherson region, which lead to the Peninsula.