In Russia, the mother left without shelter and money, the prize-winner of the Olympic games

В России мать оставила без жилья и денег призерку Олимпиады

Anastasia Grishina

Anastasia Grishina said that the mother kicked her out of the house and left without money.

Galina Grishina, mother silver prize-winners of Olympic games 2012 gymnastics Anastasia Grishina, kicked out his daughter and spent all her money. About it has told the 21-year-old athlete who had already completed the career, in an interview

“I am ashamed, hurt and offended. I can’t believe I did this to me not someone is a stranger, and a mother. She took all my money, and shelter. All that I earned in the sport. Even a car that I like the medal presented after the Olympics, the mayor said.

I have nothing left. Now I’m with a small child literally on the street.

All property, all that was purchased, all written at me. Mom and my child can easily make homeless. For years I’ve practiced, I ditched health, and on the honestly earned money can’t even relax in the decree. My husband works, but the lion’s share of income is spent on rent.

My family lived on my money. And then when my income was over when I went on maternity leave and I was need help I just kicked and all.

Moreover, now they call me and brothers and dad and threatened that if I didn’t stop the noise, it will be worse. Mom says that’ll take my money to the grave. But what do I do if I have nowhere to go?” – said Grishin.

It is reported that the former athlete appealed to the court, and also wrote a statement about the threats to the police.

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