In Russia want to circumvent the sanctions using cryptocurrency

В РФ хотят обойти санкции с помощью криптовалют

In Moscow have thought up how to bypass the sanctions

The degree of dollarization of the world economy is so high that the US sanctions may block large segments of foreign trade. This creates demand for the cryptocurrency.

Russian national cryptocurrency will be able to reduce the economy’s dependence on Western sanctions. In an interview with the Newspaper.Roux said the adviser of the President of Russia and academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Glazyev.

“A positive factor in the introduction of digital currency is the creation of high-tech and secure system of information exchange, including for international appeals. Especially important is this fact is made on the background of sanctions, creating a constant risk of disconnection of Russia from the Western appropriate decisions,” — said Glazyev.

He said that through the national cryptocurrency will be possible to circumvent sanctions.

“We see that banks were very vulnerable to sanctions, including Russian banks. The degree of dollarization of the world economy is so high that the Americans do with their sanctions to block large segments of foreign trade, and, of course, this creates new demand for the cryptocurrency. It is objectively true, it concerns not only Russia but all countries against which the Americans impose sanctions,” — said Glazyev.

Recall, the US expanded sanctions against Russia.

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