In SBU confirmed the deportation of Spanish journalists

В СБУ подтвердили депортацию испанских журналистов

Manuel ángel Sastre and Antonio Pampliega

Pampliega and Sastre waiting in Ukraine after 2020.

The security service of Ukraine has confirmed the information that from the country were expelled a Spanish journalist Antonio Pampliega and Manuel ángel Sastre. It is reported by UNIAN referring to a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Galansky.

“Yes, it’s true, they (Antonio Pampliega and Manuel ángel Sastre – ed.) was denied entry because of their anti-Ukrainian activities in the publications. No lists we have not been and are not”, she said.

As reported Корреспондент.netlast week, Spanish media reported on the expulsion of Pampliega and Sastre from Ukraine, after they were kept for almost 20 hours at the airport in Kiev. Journalists complained that they were “treated like criminals” and announced the existence of a “black list”.

We also found out that Pampliega and Sastre denied entry to Ukraine in 2015, and this ban will be effective until 2020.

After the protest of the Spanish government of Ukraine has canceled sanctions against European journalists in may 2016, but Pampliega and Sastre still denied entry.

Russian journalists have told about the arrest in the DNR