In search of extreme. Who will be responsible for Kalinovka?

В поисках крайнего. Кто ответит за Калиновку?

Viktor Muzhenko and Stepan Poltorak

As in government looking for someone to hang another explosion at military depots.

In three years of war in Ukraine managed to place four explosions at munitions depots.

And between the last two incidents in Balakliya and Kalinovka less than six months.

It is clear that in such a situation, there is a standard dismissals of Junior officers and harsh reprimands would be difficult even for the Ukrainian authorities.

The popular front quickly found the main culprit, but the President is in no hurry to give up his chief of the General staff Viktor Muzhenko.

People’s front against Muzhenko

First proposed to dismiss Muzhenko because of the events in Kalinovka Arsen Avakov’s adviser Anton Gerashchenko.

“Present a proposal to the Committee (the Verkhovna Rada – ed.) on issues of national security and defense at the next meeting to consider the issue on appeal to the Supreme commander to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with a proposal to dismiss the head of the General staff Victor Muzhenko, and his Deputy responsible for the safety and security of military stores,” – said the MP.

According to him, explosions at an ammunition depot in Kalynivka is a military disaster, the responsibility for which should be exactly Muzhenko, and his Deputy

Gerashchenko also proposed to hear the report of staff on the use of 300 million hryvnia allocated by Parliament in the budget for 2017 in the security of the military warehouses.

“Apparently the money is, as usual, left as water in sand,” – said Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs.

Gerashchenko considers the incident a result of “negligence, carelessness and impunity of senior military leadership.”

Later tightened and “heavy artillery” of the popular front.

Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov said that the responsibility for a fire in warehouses of ammunition in Kalinovka carries all the vertical leadership of the defense, starting with the chief of the General staff.

“For me the fundamental is responsibility. From the chief of staff and on all vertical those responsible for the defense of our country. We have demonstrated that it is not able to protect our strategicheskaia. And so supplied the question about the quality of defending our country. And until we will meet the highest officials who are not vypolnyaetsya their functions, we can count our losses and nsibidi” , – said Turchinov.

BPP holds Muzhenko

Muzhenko is a person loyal to President Petro Poroshenko, therefore, to dismiss its head of state is not in a hurry.

The Ministry of defence is conducting an internal investigation in connection with a fire at the warehouse of ammunition near Kalinovka. And the President propose to await the result of this check, and not to act rashly.

“Hang tags” and to accuse someone of what happened, until we figure out, is premature,” – said the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak.

He believes that only an investigation can establish the causes of fire and how well this situation worked Armed forces.

Muzhenko himself declares that he or his subordinates do not get to blame inaction in the situation in Kalinovka.

Muzhenko said that the Armed Forces built a clear hierarchy with the Supreme Commander at the head.

He said that thanks to the “skillful, coherent and even heroic actions … personnel 48 Arsenal the fire was localized and stopped in 16 hours”, which allowed to avoid losses of personnel and local residents.

However, he added, in a situation when a country goes to war, the main object of hostile attacks are the Armed Forces as a pillar of national security.

“Once there, those who seek to undermine the combat readiness and integrity of the Armed Forces. Their mission coincides with the enemy: a) to convince the public that the command is not able to adequately respond to threats; b) to sow doubt in the ability of the APU to protect your people, C) to undermine the credibility of the army. Against this background, to realize their political ambitions. These people do not understand that the armed forces have changed. Not the same as they were in 2014, ” – said Muzhenko.

That pending a full investigation into explosions of warehouses in Kalinovka you can’t assign blame and discredit the army, said the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko.

“The position of the President and of the BPP: until then, until a full investigation until the findings and identifies responsible, until then can not be defined punishment”, – said Lutsenko.

She stressed that the results of the investigation by Blakley punished 80 soldiers, “different levels of responsibility, up to the Deputy leadership of the army”, according to Svatove – 40 soldiers.

“Only after a detailed investigation can be found guilty, the findings, and then it will be declared a punishment. Prior to that, all statements believe populism, unbalance and discredit the Ukrainian army”, – summed up Lutsenko.

The great war

Observers have long noted the standoff between President Poroshenko and Minister of internal Affairs Avakov, which became the main leitmotif of the internal Ukrainian politics.

Attacks people Avakov on “the man Poroshenko” Muzhenko element of this confrontation.

“Deputies from the NF advantageous to weaken the position of President,” says political analyst Igor Petrenko.

At the same time, according to political analyst Vladimir Fesenko, now Poroshenko and Muzhenko will not give up – he can’t give in to pressure from the NF, and therefore the head of the General staff temporarily no danger.