In search of the President. Who will select the Ukrainians

В поисках президента. Из кого будут выбирать украинцы

The European Parliament has provided the Ukrainian government and society 51 the recommendation to improve the election process in 2019.

Presidential elections in Ukraine on 31 March 2019, the Verkhovna Rada has finally approved this date. Officially the election campaign in Ukraine has not yet begun, but in fact it is already in full swing. The streets are hung with political advertising, the candidates travel around the country with propaganda tours.

The European Union also do not forget about voting in Ukraine and made recommendations on the organization of the electoral process. understood what encourages us to Europe and how is the election campaign in the country.

The Advice Of The West

Monitoring mission consisting of representatives of the National democratic Institute (NDI, USA) and the European Parliament has provided the Ukrainian government and society 51 the recommendation to improve the election process in 2019.

Among the recommendations – equal access of all candidates to the media, the opening and creation of the Facebook office in Kiev, the funding of public broadcasting.

“Candidates from political parties must build on the constructive slogans, it is necessary to support the financing of public broadcasting in Ukraine, Facebook needs to open an office in Ukraine and to unite with other digital platforms to combat misinformation,” said regional program Director Eurasia region at NDI’s Laura Jewett.

Thus, according to the opinion of international experts, one of the most acute problems of the Ukrainian elections is the fight against political corruption.

Corruption has been a longstanding problem of Ukrainian politics. Largely because it is almost 40% of the population are still undecided who to vote for in the presidential election and will go to them. Ukrainians simply do not like the old set of politicians, for whom the long stretches of corruption loop, say sociologists. Almost 90% of the politicians perceive the current government in Ukraine as people who care primarily about their own benefit and to protect its own interests.

В поисках президента. Из кого будут выбирать украинцы


Ukraine is on the threshold of elections

Latest ratings

However, in Ukraine there is a great demand for new faces in politics. This is proven by opinion polls. More Ukrainians prefer to look for an alternative among the new parties, than to vote for the political forces currently represented in the Parliament.

The same trend in the presidential elections. According to the survey conducted by KIIS, Razumkov Centre and Sociological group Rating from October 9 to November 2, Yulia Tymoshenko is ready to vote and 20.7% of those who are undecided and intend to take part in the vote. In the second place showman Vladimir Zelensky with a rating of 11.4%, the third – the current President of Petro Poroshenko with only 10.3% of the votes.

В поисках президента. Из кого будут выбирать украинцы


If you believe the polls, Yulia Tymoshenko is the main favorite of the elections

Thus, if we consider the results from all respondents, 21.5% of the respondents were undecided for whom they are ready to vote, and 15% do not intend to go to the polls.

That is, the request for new faces is obvious – this is confirmed by the rating Zelensky and the number of undecided.

Global trend

The unwillingness to vote for members of the old elite, long engaged in politics is, in principle, a global trend in recent years. For example, the same situation we could observe in the last election in the United States and France.

Win Donald trump in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States, it is largely the result of protest vote, experts believe. People wanted to see in the presidential chair person not associated with the traditional Washington establishment. Trump skillfully saddled this trend throughout the campaign denounced the Washington elite, entrenched on Capitol hill. Lucky for him and the opponent – Hillary Clinton is the best display of the rigidity of American politics. She worked as the Secretary of state, her husband the former President. Trump offered a “breath of fresh air”, the change of elites and won.

Something similar happened in France. Emmanuel macron, like trump, was initially considered a political outsider. But he came to power outside of and even against the existence of party-political channels.

The trump, and Makron can not boast of a existence they have some extensive, thoughtful, innovative programming. They spoke in plain language, understandable to voters and won support.

В поисках президента. Из кого будут выбирать украинцы


Trump a Macron

The rating of the opponents – experienced politicians, who for years participated in the great game, played it only benefit. In the second round of the Macron was opposed by marine Le Pen, which in politics for several decades. In the end, to win he had to make an extremely simple slogan “I am not Le Pen!”.

New faces for Ukraine

For Ukraine, this history can be extremely relevant, because the rating of existing domestic politicians is off the charts. In the same survey, sociological companies, 51.4% of the Ukrainians, who will participate in the presidential elections, will not vote for Poroshenko, under any circumstances. Approximately 27,5% will never vote for Yulia Tymoshenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Therefore, non-systemic candidate not associated with the current political elite, there is a serious chance of success, experts say.

“The last 15 years, we’re stuck in choosing between “children kuchmy” Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. They all started their career in the times of Leonid Kuchma, which left its mark on their thinking and actions. Between them we have to choose and in 2019. Therefore, our supertasks is to make sure that these elections were his last. And in 2024-m came to power, the representative of the new generation,” – said the historian Jaroslav Gritsak.

Who can satisfy the request for a new entity, formed in the Ukrainian society?

“In General, today the trend is that the credibility of the traditional system policies, falls. And our society – emotional, angry, a few children’s many questions, begins to trust you as an alternative non-system politicians: Savchenko, Vakarchuk, Zelensky. This suggests that systemic policy and politics – crisis – image, the crisis of legitimacy, crisis of confidence”, – said the head of the Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel.

According to the Deputy Director of the Institute of sociology of NAS of Ukraine Eugene Golovakha Vladimir Zelensky, for example, may be an alternative for those who are disappointed in the former regions and all people of the Kuchma regime.

“Zelensky of the South, center and East of Ukraine is the same phenomenon that Vakarchuk for Lviv. These people are disappointed in the former regions and in General in all who emerged from the Kuchma era. These people do not want to return to the old days, it does not want to support the current government, because they see that it is, in fact, is a continuation of those times, respectively — are not able to fundamentally change things. The showman, who, incidentally, is a successful Manager I see a man who, on the one hand, represents the interests of the Central and South-Eastern Ukraine, and on the other hand, it will not be such an odious figure as the former regionals who are in fact the descendants of Kuchma. Zelensky, apparently, the only one of this galaxy does not belong and, therefore, enjoys a certain credibility,” notes Golovakha.

В поисках президента. Из кого будут выбирать украинцы

Vladimir Zelensky, according to opinion polls, the second in the presidential race

Political expert Valery Goncharuk also believes that the main essence “of the phenomenon Zelensky” that it is not associated with the old forces.

“The electorate Zelensky is apolitical electorate. Therefore, they do not lead to political calls or purely political figures. Himself Zelensky said pretty transparent about the fact that he is not a politician. The society is tired of politics, because its members discredited themselves,” – says Goncharuk.