In Serbia found two letters to Nikola Tesla

В Сербии нашли два письма Николы Теслы

Scientists have discovered the missing letters of Nikola Tesla

Letters poured light on the history of the conflict of a scientist with another inventor Mikhail Putinym.

In Serbia, the researchers found the letters written by a brilliant scientist Nikolo Tesla. It is reported TASS with reference to cultural-historical society Alligat.

Found two letters, dated 1934 and addressed to the Consul General of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in new York to his pigeon radoje Jankovic.

In the letters speak about physics and inventor of Serbian origin, Michael Pupin. The historians know the fact of the conflict between scientists. It was believed that they hadn’t spoken in years. In the letters respectful Tesla Pupin speaks and writes about the desire soon. The post was written three months before the death of Pupin.

Scientists have not disclosed the findings and the possibility that it will lead to “the Tesla archive” wanted for decades.

Earlier it was reported that Einstein’s letter on religion went under the hammer. Also the Correspondent wrote that Christmas letter Lincoln sold at auction for $60 thousand.

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