In Serbia started early parliamentary elections

В Сербии стартовали внеочередные парламентские выборы

In Serbia started voting in the early parliamentary elections, reports “RIA Novosti”.

As noted, more than eight thousand places for voting will be open until 20:00 (21:00 Kiev time), and immediately after their closure is expected to publish surveys on an exit poll method.

It is already known that the problems arose at least in one polling place — in the settlement the township of Grocka in the suburbs of Belgrade on Saturday evening burned the school where the polling station is located. No injuries were reported, but the building has suffered significant damage.

For mandates in the 250-seat Assembly (the Parliament) fight 20 political parties, coalitions and blocks, which is necessary to overcome the five percent barrier. Parties of national minorities have a quota, and for them to obtain seats in the Parliament need only about 15 thousand votes.

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Opinion polls suggest that an overwhelming victory will give the coalition “Serbia wins”, is formed around the ruling conservative Serbian progressive party of Prime Minister Alexander Vucic. One of the main intrigues of the elections is whether this political bloc to receive more than 50% of the vote.

The current parliamentary elections were the eleventh in the history of modern Serbia, and are ahead of schedule on the initiative of Prime Minister Alexander Vucic. The Prime Minister recently faced large-scale criticism of internal and foreign policy, including the planning, integration into the European Union, and therefore decided to confirm its policy via the referendum. Previous elections to the Assembly took place in the country in March 2014.