In Shostka the Deputy’s car burned down

В Шостке у депутата сгорел автомобиль

The fire damaged the engine compartment of the car

The man declares arson, and associates it with the political activity. Police are investigating the incident.

In the night of Saturday, November 17, in the city of Shostka in Sumy region was burned a car of the Deputy of the city Council, the Chairman of the faction of the Social democratic party (PSD) Oleg Romanovsky. The MP said on his page in Facebook.

In his opinion, it was arson. The MP also in this regard, said the attack on PSD.

“I burned the car. Someone will be glad someone will understand. But perhaps this “courageous” act figures, who decided to stop me,” said he.

In police in the area said that the incident occurred at about midnight.

“In the courtyard of the high-rise building caught fire, the car Kia, which owns the 43-year-old local resident, Deputy of the Shostka city Council of the seventh convocation. Message about the fire was received from the fire. The car was parked in the courtyard of the flats where he lives a man. As a result of a fire fire damaged the engine compartment of the vehicle. There were no injuries”, – told the police.

The criminal proceedings under article about deliberate destruction or damage of property.

Earlier, the leader of “eurobserv” burned his Land Rover, after the Verkhovna Rada adopted the laws on the available clearance without amendment, any of which demanded “euroshare”.

Before that, in Kiev in the yard burned four of the van. Six cars and two buses were damaged.


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